Edinburgh Film Review: ‘Not Another Happy Ending’

Edinburgh time


It’s not just the protagonist who’s short of inspiration in “Not Another Happy Ending,” a trifling comedy about writer’s block that aims for a blend of Richard Curtis-style cheeriness and arch literary satire, and winds up mostly drawing a blank. An unusual Glaswegian setting and an appealing cast, led by rising star Karen Gillan as a ditzy novelist whose reluctant crush on her editor stalls the follow-up to her bestselling debut, combine to wring some charm from a lean premise that inevitably disproves its title. Commercially, however, a happy ending for this year’s Edinburgh closer may prove elusive even in Blighty.

Scottish director John McKay’s 2000 feature debut, “Crush,” a women-talking-dirty comedy starring Andie MacDowell, flopped in theaters but paved the way for a reasonably successful TV career. (His 2005 P.G. Wodehouse adaptation “Piccadilly Jim,” meanwhile, went straight to DVD.) The influence of the smallscreen is plainly evident in McKay’s…

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